How is the United Way of Southwest New Mexico different from other nonprofit organizations?

The UWSWNM exists for one reason – to help us come together as a community to identify and address the issues that take all of us working together to solve.  Issues like making sure children enter school ready to learn and that all people have access to primary healthcare, issues that can only be addressed with a collective community focus and action.

What is the focus on the United Way of Southwest New Mexico’s work?

The UWSWNM works to assess community needs to address education, income, health and community/family building.  These are the building blocks for a better life for every individual and in turn, a strong and vibrant community – quality education for children, self-sufficient families, access to primary health care and supportive relationships.  Our goal is to tackle today’s tough issues to ensure that our community thrives both now and in the future.


It takes our entire community to make a difference – no single shelter, meal program or child care center can solve the challenges we face in southwest New Mexico.  However, each one of us can do something to change our world.  We need you, we need each other.  To LIVE UNITED is to be a part of the change.  We invite you to be a part of these changes and together, UNITED, we can inspire hope and create opportunities for a better community today!

How do people get help from the United Way of Southwest New Mexico?

The UWSWNM supports more than 43 agencies and programs working throughout the communities of southwest New Mexico every day.  While the UWSWNM does not provide direct services to individuals and families, it does operate the Community Connect program, which works to connect individuals within our community to the programs and services they need!  To find programs and services, access the UWSWNM Community Connect Program online at or call the UWSWNM Office at (575) 524-7561!

What else does the United Way of Southwest New Mexico do besides fund nonprofit organizations?

The UWSWNM works within southwest New Mexico to galvanize communities around critical issues and helps to provide support in areas that are not currently being met by other agencies through Community Connect Impact Programming.

We assess community needs to address education, income, health and community/family building.  We invest resources in the community through partnerships with area nonprofit organizations throughout our five-count service area to build holistic solutions to solve complex and long-term term issues.  We work to strengthen everyday systems for those who need help today while also looking down the road to the future so that fewer people will need help tomorrow!

The UWSWNM also works to encourage volunteerism and build a network of support by matching people in our community with specific interests, skills and expertise with volunteer opportunities where they can make the most direct and immediate impact!

How can young professionals get involved with the United Way of Southwest New Mexico?

Research conducted by the United Way Worldwide and other philanthropic study centers, shows that young professionals are more interested in exercising personal philanthropy through volunteerism than through financial gifts.  There is also a preference among this group to be engaged by nonprofit organizations in skill-based volunteer opportunities that help them develop leadership experience.

We currently offer workshops and networking opportunities to engage young professionals in our community and help them learn about the opportunities available to work with nonprofit organizations in our area, match them with agencies who are looking for individuals with their specific skills and educate them to become effective members of nonprofit boards.

The UWSWNM is currently using a variety of social media outlets and real life meet-ups to stay in touch with the next generation of philanthropists!

How do the troubles at other United Ways affect the United Way of Southwest New Mexico?

Simply put, they don’t.  Each one of the more than 1,400 affiliate United Ways throughout the nation are autonomous and managed by local staff and volunteers.  The United Way of Southwest New Mexico is governed by a board of directors comprised of skilled and engaged members of our community who oversee every detail of the UWSWNM operations and includes local volunteers in all activities from fundraising to community investment!

Does the UWSWNM support the Boy Scouts?

Yes.  Each of the 1,400 affiliate United Ways throughout the nation decides for itself whether to support each program based on their community’s specific needs.  Additionally, an individual may make their charitable contributions through the UWSWNM to any 501(c)3 organization of their choice.  This year the local Boy Scouting council (the Yucca Council) will receive $1,475.66 from the UWSWNM.

Why should I support the UWSWNM?

Giving through the UWSWNM is the most effective way to invest your contribution in the community.  We work together with our members of the community to get to the heart of our community’s specific problems and create solutions that are tailored to our community’s needs.  We are the only place where individuals and companies can work together to make a lasting change now and for the future.  The UWSWNM is working to ensure that children and youth achieve their potential, that individuals and families are financially self-sufficient, that people are healthy and that we are building strong community relationships to support one another.

Here are some advantages of giving through the United Way:

  • Effectiveness: by consolidating our financial resources and allocating the Community Action Fund to specific programs and services that target the most pressing issues facing our community right now, donated dollars can have the greatest possible impact.
  • Economy: separate campaigning and fundraising costs are eliminated, allowing for more of your contribution to support direct services through local nonprofit agencies.
  • Efficiency: donors are approached only one time each year during the LIVE UNITED Campaign (August 15th through December 15th), eliminating the need for continuous smaller fundraising efforts that can often be draining for a community.
  • Accountability: you know exactly what the return on your community investment is as all programs are required to submit quarterly reports regarding the use of United Way funds and program activities, with a quarterly update publically available. Additionally, 100% of your contribution stays in your community (unless designated otherwise)!
  • Timely: your contribution comes to the UWSWNM through payroll deduction with your employer or your direct gift during the LIVE UNITED Campaign between August 15th and December 15th and will be invested back into the community, supporting programs and services beginning July 1st. ALL contributions are working in our community within the year and not stuck in an account somewhere, a quick turn-around of community funds to provide immediate impact!

How can you expect me to give when the economy is so unstable?

When the economy is distressed, many more people are in need of assistance.  Your contribution is even more critical during these challenging economic times.  The decision to give may have been easier in years past, but has never been more important.  As you consider the choices available to you and your family, we hope that you will remember how much help your contribution to the UWSWNM provides to our community.

The UWSWNM is focused on the basic pillars that support and sustain the best possible quality of life in our community: education, income, health and community/family building.  Our actions today determine the reality for tomorrow, a tomorrow that will come regardless of the economy’s condition.

Additionally, there is no gift to small – it is the power of consolidation and targeted community investment that is the strength of the UWSWNM and every single contribution matters!

Why choose the Community Action Fund?

The Community Action Fund is a powerful way to make an immediate and lasting impact on the issues that are most pressing in our community.  The Community Action Fund is a unique option in philanthropy that allows you to join with thousands of other contributors to focus resources and solve the big issues facing our community by providing much needed financial support to local programs that are proven to strengthen our community and help people to live better lives.

Decisions regarding the allocation of the Community Action Fund are made by a committee of local volunteers from throughout our community, from business leaders and public officials to teachers and stay-at-home moms.  The committee works together to determine priorities, review application and make all decisions regarding fund allocation.  This unparalleled approach to community investment ensures that the Community Impact Fund is truly effective for our community!

In addition, the Community Action Fund provide support and visibility to smaller, lesser known nonprofit organizations in our community that are doing important work.

Can I give directly to my favorite issue area within the Community Action Fund?

The short answer is Yes!  The UWSWNM is working to advance the common good by focusing on education, income, health and community/family building.  These are the building blocks for a good life – a quality education that leads to stable employment, enough income to support a family through retirement, good health and overall well being.  Every contributor has the option to designate to one or any combination of these areas within the Community Action Fund on their pledge card.

Can I give directly to my favorite nonprofit organization?

Yes!  Through the Restricted Contribution option on the pledge card a contributor may designate their contribution to any 501(c)3 organization in the world without restriction.  A contributor may also choose to exclude any nonprofit agency from receiving a portion of their contribution should when giving to the Community Action Fund by checking the Restricted Contribution option on the pledge card and including writing “Exclude” and indicating specific organization’s name.

How much of the money raised by the UWSWNM is used for administrative purposes?

Approximately 18 cents of every dollar raised by the UWSWNM is used for administrative and fundraising costs.  We are constantly working to minimize overhead expenses and ensure that the greatest possible community impact is achieved for every dollar raised.

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